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  • Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa trunk show

    Hi All,

    Completely spaced on posting photos from our super fun day with Paul and his amazing team of stylists and clients! Better late than never I say. We spread the word, sold tees and met some really cool people.. all with great hair! Paul and his staff are not only really talented at their skills, but really took to getting the word out about organ donation! Thanks to Paul Labrecque, Brian Cantor and Paul Grasso for making our day not only productive, but really fun! Last, thanks to my pal Randi for spending the day and selling with me!  Love you all!

    xpamela, dnr

    a fun day filled with education, sales and great hair!

    a fun day filled with education, sales and great hair!

    photo photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 5 photo photo 2

  • Albany-proposing new bills to help build up the REGISTRY

    To all our friends visiting DNR,

    Last month I was fortunate enough to be asked back to visit our state Capitol and propose a few new bills to our legislatures. My team and I were fearless and worked well together to get our points across asking Congressional leaders to lower the age of those wanting to register to become organ donors from 18 to 16. We also asked to take the registry out of the hands of the gov’t and into a privatized org which can focus more on raising awareness and recruiting donors. All of the constituents and senators that we met with are ALL IN SUPPORT of our proposals and will hopefully rally for us so we can meet our goals. It was definitely a day for all of the organizations to be proud of. Our team consisted of Julia Rivera, Director of Communications, Kyoko Honma, liver and bone marrow donor as well as mother of son, Keizo who had a liver transplant, Barb Adams of Donate Life, Dutchess County to name a few.

    Thanks to the NY Eye and Tissue Foundation for including DNR to be a part of this amazing effort to make change in NY State.

    Recycle life in love and light.

    xpamela, founder DNR

    We ban together to get the job done!

    We ban together to get the job done!


  • BLOW ME – Organ Donor Awareness Month- event

    Hi All,

    Here we are again to honor our favorite month. ODAM! We are kicking it off as we team up with the super cool VJ BLOW BAR EXPRESS in NYC! It’s on 3rd Ave @ 82nd Street.

    The event is SAT, APRIL 5! Come buy a tee or two or three and leave looking great after having a blow out!

    Perfect way to spend a saturday with your pals.. I’ll be there too with my mates!

    If you have any bald friends, bring them.. they can buy tees and hang with us while you’re getting a blow out.

    Hope to see you there. REcycle life, love and light.

    xpamela •click on the photo for details.



  • APRIL-Organ Donor Awareness Month !!!


    Hi everyone,

    Here we are on the last day of March gearing up for April’s awareness month. We are super excited as DNR will be doing events in and around NYC. We have various trunk shows lined up as well as a few pop ups! WE are doing our best in trying to shout out the words, BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR AND REGISTER ALREADY! What are you waiting for?

    Now that spring is here, we will be out and about selling our merchandise. You may see our tees/tags in retail stores, sidewalk sales or you may see me or my staff standing out in Central Park, Riverside, Wall Street, Nolita, East Village, Lincoln Center.. selling tees, or just spreading the news! We will be everywhere in NYC. If you see us, say hi!

    Happy spring. REcycle life. REcycle love : )

    xpamela, creator, DNR NYC.

  • Valentines Day – Have a Heart

    Hi all,

    Here we are again.. at that time when we express our love to one another. I think V-Day should be everyday but that’s just me. Love is amazing. Being in love is amazing. Falling in love is amazing. Giving and receiving love is amazing (that’s not meant to be dirty but it does sound it..). There’s no other way to look at love.. but this way.

    VALLERY JOSEPH BLOW OUT BAR is hosting a trunk show for DNR on V-Day. They are super generous to open up their doors for us to sell our tees for the Day. If you are in NYC.. and near Madison/68TH Street. We will be there with lots of friends spreading the word thru our TEES! come by and come BUY : )

    Check out their site!

    Hope to see you there.. bring some <3, bring friends.. get a blow out and buy a tee! xpamelaIMG_3663

  • Snow sports!

    Hello to all of you thrill seekers,

    While I was walking thru Central Park the other day in the snow and thinking about all of you snowboarders, skiiers, speed skaters, ice climbers and all other winter sports-minded athletes, I was wondering how many of are registered organ donors.


    Are you a registered OD?

    Are you a registered OD?

    f you could reach out to me via I would really appreciate it as I have some ideas on how we could work on eliminating the waiting list for those in need of organs…. together.

    Recycle life and register.


  • It’s a NEW YEAR & we are READY!

    hi all and happy new year!

    we are already into the first week of the new year and DNR is planning good stuff. Lots of events, trunk shows and getting out there to sell our tees/accessories. This winter has been pretty cold but like many of you, i still sport the tee/jean look in the winter, though wearing a good cashmere sweater over my tee! fashion has always been ‘my thing’. i get it, i love it and i wear it!

    life can throw you sometimes to the far left or the extreme right.. but somewhere in the middle is the balance… the balance always sports the tees and shouts out, BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR! REGISTER TODAY and RECYCLE LIFE!

    happy new year from the far east to the extreme west, the furthest south and the highest north : )

    may all good things come your way in the year(s) to come. stay present, be kind.


    life is short. relax. recycle. keep your parts in tact.

    life is short. relax. recycle. keep your parts in tact.


    meadow friends at their best!

    meadow friends at their best!






    Super Smilin' James, mgr of The Slipper Room, NYC.. sporting the purple fro...

    Super Smilin’ James, mgr of The Slipper Room, NYC.. sporting the purple fro…

    celebrating lives lost w/ friends of DNR.

    celebrating lives lost w/ friends of DNR.






    Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 12.29.44 PM




    celebrating lives lost w/ friends of DNR.

    celebrating lives lost w/ friends of DNR.

    Our DAY OF THE DEAD event was nothing less than super fun! We danced like rock stars and took a moment to remember those who lost their lives.. though on this night, we could feel their positive presence!

    Thanks to DJ Seanz, the music was non-stop and outstanding! His choice of songs were superb considering the night. All the DNR supporters were in amazing costume and went with the flow. The night superseded our expectations of love, fun, dance and cheer! Thanks for coming out and hanging with us!

    As always, we are grateful for your support and wish you all the best!

    Recycle life,


  • Imagine if Everyone Were Organ Donors…

    Hi everyone,

    Here’s a video that Piper and I filmed in Central Park’s ‘Strawberry Field’ this past summer. It was a beautiful day filled with beautiful people. Piper was on a mission to make everyone aware of the importance of ‘recycling life’ check it out.. she did a wonderful job and is very proud of the outcome!

    Piper's video dedicated to promoting organ donor awareness..

    Piper’s video dedicated to promoting organ donor awareness..

    happy fall.



    Hey all,

    It’s been quite a summer. The weather in NYC has been really, really hot and the events have been super cool.

    We joined forces with designers Vivek Nagrani, Sinclair, 2A, YoYo 32 and celebrated the summer with live music, beautiful clothes, jewelry.. fashionable friends and family, buyers, bloggers, stylists.. HUMANS : ) it was fun while we educated everyone on the importance of registering to become OD’s… we actually made some new friends see the light and they promised to register! I will follow up with them soon!

    In any case, check out the video we put together thanks to Rick Mowat! Check out our video:

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!

    In love and light, recycle life.


    Summer fun in NYC

    Summer fun in NYC