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Do Not Resuscitate Logo

DNR …wear it… and recycle life!

To use fashion as a vehicle to save lives by increasing the number of organ donors in the world.

DNR (stands for Do Not Resuscitate) is a high end T-shirt/accessory edgy, fashion brand based in New York City and created to increase the number of organ donors in the world. The founders, aware that twenty people die every day due to organ shortages, want to use their branded line to create good and lower the number of unnecessary wait list fatalities. The line itself speaks to the urban boutique shopper and allows these consumers to make a super positive statement with their daily attire.

Pamela Lubell is the creator behind the impactful, new brand DNR, a clothing/accessory brand that shines light on the importance of organ donation through its trendy garments. Lubell has always been in the business of storytelling. Her career began as Harvey Weinstein's assistant in the very busy but young offices of Miramax Films. During that time, Lubell proved to be incredibly valuable to Weinstein as well as the people in and around the international film world. The ten years Lubell spent at Miramax gave her access to the most talented and influential people in and around the entertainment world and also served as a catalyst to incubate and foster long lasting relationships with them. Within short order, Lubell was tapped by Harvey to run the creative department where she and her team won the key art award for their work on Pulp Fiction.

Lubell then formed Lubell Media Partners where she currently works on projects focusing on film, theater, tv, design, fundraising and charities. Lubell's latest project has been producing the adaptation of the multi-media theater production of Haruki Murakami's The Wind Up Bird Chronicle which was incredibly well received at the prestigious 2011 Edinburgh Performing Arts Festival as well as the 2012 Singapore Arts Festival.

Pamela Lubell is an avid art collector where her primary collection is worldwide street art. You may see her cycling around cities globally tearing street tags off stop signs and buildings!

Rafael Fogel is currently a partner at Falcon Investments who joined Falcon at its inception. Mr. Fogel was previously a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager of SunAmerica Investments, Inc., where he co-managed SunAmerica's $8.0 billion high yield portfolio. Prior affiliations include Montgomery Securities and Franklin/Templeton Group. Mr. Fogel has served on the Board of Directors of numerous companies, including Legendary Pictures, Village Roadshow Entertainment Group, Digital Domain and In 2010, Mr. Fogel joined the production team of the multi-media theatre adaption of Haruki Murakami's novel Wind-Up Bird Chronicle which was incredibly well received at the prestigious 2011 Edinburgh International Performing Arts Festival as well as the 2012 Singapore Arts Festival. He received a B.A. in Economics with honors from Haverford College.

Scott Smith is currently a Commodities Trader residing in Westport ,CT. He formely held a seat on the New York Mercantile exchange for almost 20 years, trading mostly crude oil and gas. He is a graduate of Binghamton University.

Sara Quintanilla is a former commodity broker in New York City. She formerly worked at ED&F Man, Merrill Lynch and Archer Daniels Midland. She graduated from St. Edwards University with a BA in Political Science.